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The Lingerie Football League and the BC Angels held their first open try-outs last night. A few dozen hopefuls ran numerous football drills hoping to make the first cut and get an invitation to join the team’s mini-camp but they weren’t the only ones auditioning to be on the team – Vancouver videographer Shawn Lam was invited by Lingerie Football League Films to audition for a role on the team, as their team videographer.

I was impressed by the athleticism and talent that some of these athletes possessed and there were some big hits, notably one by #4 Lia Lam (no relation to Shawn Lam) on League commissioner Mitch Mortaza, who was running the try-outs.

After the try-outs Commissioner Mortaza admitted on Twitter that he suffered a concussion on the play:

My first-ever concussion, I was bulldozed by the smallest player competing last night at the BC Angels open tryout.#LFL

He followed-up with another tweet on the subject regarding concussions.

What better way to understand concussions as a football executive than to suffer one yourself and go through treatment and analysis. #LFL

Now after sharing this beauty of a video clip with the world, do you think I’m going to get the job? That’s Mortoza, btw, who is saying in the video “now we are going to get tough.” Famous last words…

See the video below:

It didn't take the media long to pick-up on this story and share the video.

Rantsports also ran a story on my video of the big concussion hit on the Football League Commissioner and linked back to my original article.

NBC Sports then picked up the feed and linked back to my post in their NBC Sports Off The Bench Section

Deadspin wrote an article and republished my Lingerie Football League video. While I think it was nice of them to at least give me credit as the source, I'm not sure why they felt they needed to rip and host the video on their own servers.

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